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Disaster Relief Kits

Disaster relief kits provide basic necessities for people throughout the United States during times of crisis. Each kit has a specific purpose and involves strict rules regarding shipping. Because of this, it is essential that kits contain only the items listed, exactly as described below.

At the Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot, volunteers assemble various types of kits and prepare them for shipment. Kits include personal hygiene items, school supplies, and buckets of cleaning supplies.

By donating kit supplies or financial gifts to purchase those supplies, you make a direct, tangible difference in the lives of people in need.

At the Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot individuals and groups of volunteers assemble the following disaster relief kits and prepare them for shipment: (Cleaning) cleaning bucket, hygiene and school kits.Complete list of items needed can be found under Donations.


* Air freshener – 4-8 oz, pump spray, or three solid or three gel fresheners

* Bags, plastic – gallon-size, sealable

* Bags, trash – 33-45 gallon, 24-bag rolls, heavy-duty (2-3 mil)

* Bandages – 10 adhesive bandages, ¾ X 3”

* Brushes, scrub

* Buckets – 5-gallon with resealable lid

* Clothesline – 50-100 ft. cotton or plastic

* Clothes pins – 36-50 plastic or wood

* Combs – large and sturdy

* Detergent, liquid, laundry – 32-64 oz. bottle

* Fingernail or toenail clippers – no emery boards or metal files

* Gloves – kitchen type, size medium or large

* Gloves – work type, cotton with leather palm or all leather, size large

* Household cleaner – liquid concentrate, 16-40 oz, not spray

* Insect repellent – pump spray, 6-14 oz. (must have protective cap); or pack of 10-20 wipes

* Masks, dust – (5) N95 particulate respirators, 1-3-mm thick, put in baggie

* Pads, scouring – not metal or infused with soap

* Soap, bath-size bar – 3 oz and up, not Ivory or Jergens

* Soap, for dishes – 16-34 oz. bottle, antibacterial

* Toothbrushes – single adult size, individually wrapped

* Towels, cleaning – reusable wipes, ex. Handiwipes

* Towels, hand – 15” x 25” up to 17” x 27”, no kitchen towels

* Washcloths